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The Cells are a Chicago-based band featuring Cory Hance, Johnny Furman, Randy Payne, and Dave Suh. Begun in 1997, the Cells released two albums, "We Can Replace You" on Orange Recordings in 2002, and "Mayday" on Old Reliable Records in 2006. 2016 Old Reliable Records releases include "Blood in the Tracks - Lost Studio Recordings," and "Live at Double Door, 2004".


"We Can Replace You" debuted at #2 on the CMJ charts behind Sonic Youth upon its release, garnering favorable press and national radio play. The Cells toured the U.S. to promote it, playing festivals including CMJ and South by Southwest. The single "Silver Cloud" was offered as a free music sample on Dell computers, gaining the band new fans around the world. The Cells' music has also been featured on TV shows and in video games.


During their heyday, the Cells were a popular act in Chicago, playing often at city festivals and stalwart clubs like the Metro, Double Door, Empty Bottle, the Hideout, Schuba's, Subterranean, House of Blues, and now-defunct-but beloved spots like Lounge Ax, Big Horse and Thurston's. 


Past members of the Cells include Pat McIntyre, Brede Hovland, Rick Ness, Mark Doyle, Skid Marks, Joshua James, Bob Rising, Zack Snyder, Kevin Hoetger, and their producer/recording engineer Andy Gerber of Million Yen Studios.

Cory, Johnny and Randy "re-activated" the Cells in 2015 for a reunion show after a several-year hiatus, and had a really good time. In the summer of 2016, they invited their old friend, veteran Chicago guitarist/singer Dave Suh, to join the band. They plan to play new shows and create new music, and invite other past members to join in when they can.


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